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Many SMEs use bank loans to finance and expand their operations in terms of sales volume and geographical areas of operation. However, today, banks offer very few loans to SMEs or, at least, in the conditions that an SME with economic problems requires.

Today, we want to talk about a different financial product, safer, faster and more comfortable for the customer than traditional bank loans. We are talking about the immediate online loans that you can get quickly and easily without getting up even from the chair.

Advantages of loans to SMEs

Loans to SMEs to improve financially

As we said, banks have closed the credit tap to many SMEs. That is why SMEs that need funding to solve an unexpected emergency, find it impossible to do so. This situation becomes a loop when other unforeseen events begin to appear with which the company’s own accounting did not count. For this reason, companies have started to look for alternative financing in non-bank financial circuits.

Cogibank offers online loans so that an SME can solve a temporary situation that is uncomfortable financially. This company offers loans that are far removed from traditional bank loans and with huge advantages over them.

First, getting loans for SMEs through Cogibank means saving both time and financial costs. The financing obtained through Cogibank is cheaper for the client than traditional financing. Second, the processing and granting of the personal loan is faster. After analyzing the solvency of the SME that requests the loan (only three basic requirements are needed) the rest is very easy and in record time you can have enough liquidity for your company without having escaped from the computer screen. And, perhaps most importantly, the flexibility in the repayment term and in the amount of the loan: it is you who chooses the conditions according to the needs of your company. The final decision power falls on who needs the money and not on who lends it.

The best way to solve the unexpected of your company

The best way to solve the unexpected of your company

Loans to SMEs are very difficult to obtain through the traditional banking system, it is much faster and easier to obtain with other entities. Cogibank has been offering, in recent times, transparent, reliable financial products that any user with a medium or low level of financial knowledge can understand. They are very simple products and aimed at satisfying the customer, very far from those complex products and small print that banks offer.

In addition, the banks themselves offer less and less loans to SMEs. Today, they have forgotten their main mission: to leave money to those who need it. Currently, a credit can only be obtained by those who do not need it or, at least, who does not have an extreme need due to debts that can endanger the life of the company.

That’s why we recommend our urgent loans so you can start to get out of that predicament in which your company has been involved. And it is that a company can go through a relatively stable situation that suddenly becomes unstable for multiple reasons. A bad month of sales can make paying a payroll to a worker or face the payment of material needed by the company is totally impossible in the short term. But do not worry if you are in that situation. You have the alternative in front of you, with a click.

The best loans to SMEs

The best loans to SMEs

The application process is simple, very fast and 100% online. You just have to enter some personal information, your business data and fill out a small form with some questions. Doing all these steps does not have to take more than a few minutes. Equally fast is the achievement of the personal loan. In 15 minutes you can have up to 800 euros, an amount sufficient to solve those small incidents that may arise in the day to day of a company.

Their customers will have their credit line after confirmation of the conditions, and they can use their money when and how they want. Without leaving home and just having a device with an Internet connection. That easy! You are still thinking it? Enter our loan section with Financial Credit Institutions and check out the conditions.

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