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Come wisely and with special regard to who you intend to borrow from before you fill out the loan form or forward your personal data.

On many internet forums, advertising portals or by opening mailboxes, we can find announcements of individuals and companies offering cash loans. Stay alert, it can be a cheat!

Very simple and clear message, without providing information about the company, business or website. ” A private cash loan, fast, money in hand. Without checking BIK “,” Loan for evidence in 15 minutes. Without checking the bases. “Announcements can be modified freely. We will not find anything more than a mobile phone number and a private e-mail address, e.g. gmail.

Be careful this can be a cheat

Be careful this can be a cheat

If we do not follow the basic rules of security, then we must take into account the possibility that we will become a victim of a cheater. The more so because the non-bank loan via the Internet is very popular and the demand for it is large.

Fraudsters can advertise online and send us e-mails with a loan offer. What should not be done in this case?

Personal data

If we receive an e-mail with information about the name, PESEL number, address, cell phone, etc., it is necessary to check the sender of this e-mail. This is a popular way to scam sensitive personal data.

Links and attachments

We do not click on the links and we do not unpack the attachments. A popular method to infect our computer by installing viruses and spyware.

SA or a limited liability company

Entities granting cash loans in accordance with the regulations that entered into force in 2016 must operate in the form of a joint-stock company or a limited liability company. We can then check in the National Court Register whether a given company that sent us a loan offer is an entity authorized to grant a loan. In addition, we check the subject whether it is not on the so-called KNF’s “black list” – this is a list of public warnings.

Additional services, that is, the circumvention of the anti-usury law

Additional services, that is, the circumvention of the anti-usury law

Regulations, regulations, but there are companies that try to circumvent new regulations (the law regulates the maximum amount of the loan costs) and force the client to use additional services. Of course, this is a paid service that can “hide” under various names, e.g. advisory service, consulting service, etc.

How not to be fooled so that you can not get a big debt out of a small and fast loan? There is only one way: lend it wisely and rationally, reading exactly what you intend to sign.