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It’s the same for all financial entities – first, you have to meet the conditions and then you reach the loan. Some companies have more stringent conditions, others a little more forgiving, but nowhere will they just lend you the goodness of the heart. So let’s go together in this article to review the most important terms you need to meet to get a loan.

The simple & secure application process for payday loans online same day 

Do you meet all the necessary conditions for obtaining a loan through our company? Then nothing prevents you from sending a non-binding request.

We will contact you immediately and ask you for more information about your person and basic background.

What Does The Same Day Loan really mean? Loan approval is free of charge and on the same day on weekdays. The money is then sent to your bank account within 24 hours of approval.

Age from 18 to 80 years

First of all, the loan applicant through Chingachgook should be over 18 years old, but not more than 80 years old. This is because it is not possible to settle a loan to minors, while at the same time protecting our clients from repayment problems at too old.

Provable income

The applicant must have some official demonstrable income. Whether it is a classic confirmation from the employer, a turnaround at the entrepreneurs or rent, a pension or a maternity allowance (which can only be taken into account with a disability or other pension or employment), the foster parent’s remuneration. Some companies are willing to take into account some types of SSP benefits, orphan’s pension, part of the income, and maintenance. All this is taken as income. However, it is not possible to recognize the unemployment benefit, the Labor Agreement, the Brigade and the one-off irregular income as a demonstrable income.

No execution

An applicant for a loan without collateral through Chingachgook may not be in execution. However, we will be pleased to arrange a loan with a pledge of property, when the execution will be repaid in the first place and you can also take extra money.

The question of insolvency

And how is it in case of insolvency? Even here, the applicant may not be insolvent at the moment of applying for a loan, nor may he have a fresh application. However, once you have completed the insolvency, we will be happy to give you a helping hand. However, it is important to realize that the final payment is not yet completed! It is necessary to await the coming into force of the Court’s decision and the termination of the registration in the ISIR Insolvency Register, which may take several weeks.